Jessamine County Lincoln Day Dinner

June 02, 2021 1:33 PM | Kentucky Medical Freedom Coalition (Administrator)

On May 28, several KMFC board members had the opportunity to attend a Lincoln Day Dinner event in Jessamine County, KY. We were graciously offered a table to display info on our organization. The guest speaker was US Congressman Bill Posey, who is a fierce medical freedom advocate.

You may recall (especially if you've seen the first Vaxed documentary) that Congressman Posey was involved in trying to have the CDC whistleblower on the MMR studies, Dr. Thompson, testify before Congress. A great deal of Congressman Posey's remarks at the event were focused on the importance of preserving medical freedom.

Also present at the event was US Congressman Brent Guthrie of KY. Congressman Guthrie was a primary sponsor of the unsuccessful 2019 VACCINES act which aimed to nationally track and fund research into vaccine hesitancy and to target communities with lower rates of vaccine uptake.

KMFC reps asked Congressman Guthrie about the 2019 legislation and his intent behind the bill. While Guthrie did not clarify his intent, he did indicate that he does not support vaccine mandates. He did not have any specifics as to how he would work against mandates.

If you are a constituent of Congressman Guthrie, we encourage you to let him know that you want him to be proactive in stopping vaccine mandates. You can contact him here.

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