Water Fluoridation in Kentucky

In Kentucky, the state law dictates that water must be fluoridated. KRS 211.190 states:

"The cabinet shall provide public health services including:

(11) Establishment, maintenance, monitoring, and enforcement of water fluoridation programs for the protection of dental health."

Administrative Regulation 902 KAR 115:010 then details out how water fluoridation is to take place in Kentucky. Fluoridation is mandatory for community water supplies serving populations of 3,000 or more. A water system serving a population between 1,500 and 3,000 must provide supplemental fluoridation if adequate equipment is available. Those serving fewer than 1,500 users are not required to add fluoride.

This means that even if a community or water system in Kentucky wants to stop fluoridating the water, they have no choice. That's why a grassroots team of Kentucky citizens have come together to change Kentucky's law. 

How You Can Help

You can help by asking your State Senator and State Representative to support legislation to give control of water fluoridation decisions to local water producers. 

Rep. Mark Hart has filed HB141 an act relating to water fluoridation programs. Click here to view the bill information.

See our ACTION ALERT for how you can help.

Keep up with current activity on local control of water fluoridation by following Kentucky for Fluoride Choice on Facebook.

Letter of Support from Health Professionals

If you are a health professional, Click Here to sign on to our letter of support.

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