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The roots of Kentucky Medical Freedom Coalition can be traced to 2017. That year, one Kentucky parent stumbled across information that the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services was proposing changes to the standard form used for daycare and K-12 school religious exemptions. While some proposed changes were good, the language being proposed on the form was concerning to many parents and guardians. That parent, along with several others, mounted a campaign to inform others of the proposed changes. The parents and advocates engaged in the process, and the result was improved wording on the form. 

In retrospect, the parents and other advocates realized that they needed to be proactive in watching for changes to statutes and regulations. The network established by those advocates became what is now Kentucky Medical Freedom Coalition. 

Our Purpose

Kentucky Medical Freedom Coalition is a non-profit corporation organized for education and activism.

Our purpose is to:

  • advocate for medical freedom, defined by this organization as the right to freely decline any medical intervention (including but not limited to: medications, procedures, immunizations/biologics), even more so if that intervention carries a risk of injury or death;

  • call attention to legislation regarding medical freedom;

  • organize grassroots activism; and

  • provide resources for members to support their medical freedom choices.

We are a 501(c)4 organization.

Kentucky Medical Freedom Coalition   |   P.O. Box 43276 Louisville KY 40243

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