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 SB8 amended KRS to allow for exemptions should the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (ie. the state government) mandate a vaccine for all Kentucky citizens.

Unfortunately the legislation intended to protect employees (SB98) from employer mandates and university students (SB117) from university mandates did not pass. KMFC is working with state legislators on legislation for the 2022 session starting in January.

For exemption information for Daycares, Preschools, and public and private K-12 schools, click here.
We do have some guidance on employer mandates in our member area.

From the legislative standpoint, when it comes to school and employer mandates, the best thing you can do is call, email, and/or write your representatives and just tell them your story, your concerns.  The more stories they hear from constituents, the more likely they are to pass legislation to protect against a mandate.

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