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Candidates 2022

Stand for Health Freedom Voter Guide

Our partners at Stand for Health Freedom have created voting guides for states across the nation. We have worked closely with them as they developed the Kentucky voting guide. You can view their voting guide here.

KMFC Candidate Questionnaire

Candidates running for the Kentucky State Legislature in 2022 were invited, via multiple emails and a postal mailing, to fill out our questionnaire regarding medical freedom issues. All 100 seats in the House of Representatives and 16 seats (the even numbered districts) in the State Senate are up for election this year. Some races are contested, while others have no opponent. Some seats are open due to retirements or redistricting.

Many Kentuckians may be in a new district or or have a different legislator as a result of recent redistricting that takes place every 10 years following the US census.

Click Here to determine your House and Senate district for the 2022 elections. You will input your address and click on the map. The 2022 Senate and 2022 House results will tell you your current/new district.

Click Here to see your ballot for the upcoming election, then select your county.

Due to the length of some of the candidate answers, the best way for you to view the responses is to click the link below and view our spreadsheet.

See the Candidate Answers Here

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Web Version - Candidate Answers

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What questions did we ask the candidates?

Here are the questions we asked the candidates. Each question has a follow-up question allowing the candidate to explain their answer.

Kentucky has specific vaccine requirements to attend daycare and K-12 schools. Under current longstanding state law, students may attend school or daycare without meeting these requirements if there is a medical contraindication verified by a healthcare provider or if the requirements conflict with sincerely-held religious beliefs of the parents. Over a dozen states across the nation also allow for objections to daycare and K-12 vaccination requirements on the basis of a conscientiously-held belief, also known as a philosophical objection. Kentucky does not currently have the option of a philosophical objection for daycare and K-12 school.

1. Would you support the addition of a consciously-held belief (philosophical) exemption from receiving a vaccine for children in the K-12 educational system?

Senate Bill 8 (SB8), passed in the 2021 regular session, provides for medical, religious, and conscientiously-held belief exemptions if the Cabinet for Health and Family Services were to mandate a vaccine in the event of an epidemic (KRS 214.036). SB8 did not apply to vaccine mandates by private employers. Federal law provides for exemptions in the workplace for medical (ADA) and religious reasons (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964). Despite these federal laws, many employees have been denied exemptions or reasonable accommodations.

2. Should employers be able to require the COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment?

3. If vaccination is required as a condition of employment, in light of the insufficiencies of federal laws, should all employees (regardless of type or size of employer) be guaranteed the right to medical, religious, and conscientiously-held belief exemptions under Kentucky STATE law in addition to the aforementioned federal provisions?

4. Should the executive branch of state government have authority to require/mandate medical interventions, including vaccinations, in any circumstances?

5. Should any government entity have the authority to require/mandate medical interventions, including vaccinations, for any population?

6. Do you support legislation that would ban the state and local health agencies from sharing the personal vaccination status of an individual to a non-governmental third party?

7. Do you support legislation that prevents public universities from requiring medical interventions (including vaccines or proof of vaccination) for admission?

8. Do you support legislation that will prohibit proof of vaccination status/medical testing results being required to utilize the service of a public entity (business, school, university, transportation, government buildings)?

9. Should employers be able to require any medical intervention(s) as a condition of employment?

10. Should entities that discriminate against workers based on vaccination status be eligible to receive state contracts, grants, or other funds?

11. Should entities that refuse service to individuals based on vaccination status be eligible to receive state contracts, grants, or other funds?

12. Do you believe that a person's vaccination status is private medical information that should be protected from third parties, including employers, and there should be no repercussions for refusing to disclose that information?

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